The Story

Marc alias “DJ The Groove”,

started spinning the records in the year 1993,

and playing as resident DJ in club Sensation and Angels.


He was the resident DJ

for 5 nights a week, in club Extase, in the city of Alkmaar

and next to it he had also a recidency in club The Jungle,

every friday night for the period of a year.


Things really started rolling in the

right direction for DJ The Groove, when he started playing

at more events, open-air party’s, pubs and clubs.


In the year 1998 : he started working at Mid-town Records

in the city of Alkmaar, and later he began managing

Mid-town Records in the center of Amsterdam.


In the year 2001 : He has played a lot,

and played regularly at multi dance-events such as

“Mysteryland” and “Trance Energy” produced by : ID&T.

In this year DJ The Groove also started producing dance records

in his own studio, also worked together with other producers

and has released several dance records such as :

  • Shield – “Hold on”
  • Farida Merville – “Rocketstar”

which are being played world wide.


In the year 2002 : DJ The Groove spend more time in his studio

to work on some various dance projects, which include

the dance concept PowerBeats.

In this year he also remixed some tracks for different producers.


In the year 2003 : he has started his own business

in music productions: Groovin’ Music and has left Mid-town

Records, to spend more time in his studio.

In this year He was also asked to play at Club Blue in Poland,

and is invited to play at other clubs also.


Right now DJ The Groove is focusing on his company

Groovin’ Music, and his radio show Groovin’ on air,

where he plays a live set every saturday together with Massimo Garda.


Marc alias “DJ The Groove”, has become a well known

Dj in the last years, and when Dj The Groove performs,

it’s PARTY all the way!

He knows what the audience wants and uses this to the max…